October 2nd, 2006



Andrew hated being on the road. Yet another generic hotel room you couldn't swing a cat in and a bathroom with a temperamental shower.

He could feel the depression that came from too much alcohol creeping over him and, as he couldn't sleep it off on the rock-like beds, he opted to channel surf. Cycling through news, weather and bad movies, he discovered a game of football with arcane scoring, weird goal posts and men that dressed in tank tops and hot pants.

Settling back to watch, Andrew smiled as he recalled Giles telling him that travel broadened the mind.


open_on_sundaychallenge #184: insomnia
Part of the London!verse


Rose and Jack watched the Doctor working below them. As he stretched out to adjust a component, a strip of skin was bared across his belly.

Jack whispered to Rose, his breath warm against her ear. "Told you he'd start to wiggle around as he got more engrossed in the job."

Rose turned to Jack. "You promised me a little more than this."

"Watch." He pressed a finger to her lips and nodded to the Doctor, who twisted around, his jumper rucking up under him.

"Oi!" The Doctor scooted out and glared up at his companions. "Who's dribbling on me?"


dw100challenge #135: shameless/shameful