September 23rd, 2006

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You Could Set Your Watch By This Fucking Rain


Another month rolls around and irishvampire13 has decided that its time for another game of public flagellation.

via the Pit of Voles: [screenshot]

If I didn't hate you so much for being a bitch, I'd tell you how wickedly amusing that was.
What's with the insane I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I really like your writing, I hate you? Why does she bother reading when she happily professes to not being terribly enamored of me? Have I misread this and it really means that because she praised me that she wants to be bestest friends? Admittedly, that seems to be a back away slowly and avoid eye contact point. Why does she seem incapable of telling the difference between bitch and shit-stirrer? Why do I bother questioning insane troll logic?

She does seem to have a bee in her bonnet about me being some kind of evil nemesis. Hmm... Do you get minions with that? I'll have to consult my personal overlord about nemesis fringe benefits.

While I did get the memo about being the bane of her life — woke up one morning to bemusedly have bane status thrust upon me — it did seem to be missing the bit about why she has the hump. Perhaps I should know this already as she'll be using her 1337 psychic skillz to smite me where I stand. Stop snickering — oh, go ahead, it is a rather ludicrous image. Way back, before her paranoiac LJ lockdown took place, she actually professed to doing this to an ex-bestest friend (real or pretend is up for debate) over some no doubt imaginary slight, which really should have clued me into her not playing with a full deck.

As this is almost a month to the day from her last outbreak of bampotery, I am left to assume that she is hormonal, off her meds again or keeping a diary to remind her that it's time to go annoy people again.

If she is so determined to play silly buggers, I'm more than happy to play shit-stirrer and do my bit to share the pointing and laughing around. Enjoy!


Of much more interest, I'm wondering if anyone recognises the reference to the subject title.
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