January 16th, 2006

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w00t! A Plagiarist and a Troll in One Day

It looks like there's a new plagiarist about. Well, not exactly a new plagiarist, since she's been getting away with it for more than a year, more like freshly discovered.

mommanerd made the discovery and most people involved have been notified via her post. As usual, stop_plagiarism has been notified.

I've been through the plagiarist's BloopDiary and aside from all of the stories appearing to be the work of others, it looks like icons, images and vids have been lifted as well. The thief also has a second BloopDiary, a third BloopDiary, a MySpace account and a second MySpace account.

For the record, my stolen drabbles are:

Confection [http://www.bloopdiary.com/viewentry.php?id=43796&num=42]

Badger [Cunningly renamed Gerlop demons: http://www.bloopdiary.com/viewentry.php?id=43796&num=53]

Bulwark [Cunningly renamed Dawn watches the watcher: http://www.bloopdiary.com/viewentry.php?id=43796&num=54]

Too Many Hands [http://www.bloopdiary.com/viewentry.php?id=43796&num=55]

It appears that, in most instances, the plagiarist has been too lazy to bother retitling the stolen work. I think that two of mine were renamed purely because the thief was too thick figure out the titles. I knew a horrible addiction to the thesaurus would come in handy one day.

Due to the dates of the last three stories on the plagiarist's site matching the dates I submitted to the Pit of Voles, it looks like it's probably not an LJ member. sockkpuppett has suggested she might frequent The Sandlot, but the time delay between fiction hitting the mailing list and it being posted to The Sandlot archive makes me think otherwise. But that doesn't mean it isn't a member of one of both of the mailing lists; Bloody Awful Gutter and Spike's Salvation. A common thread is still behind the thefts is still being worked upon.

Thanks to janedavitt, skybound2 and myfeetshowit (who also had her work nicked) for the heads up.


Troll Alert: It looks like my claims of plagiarism have attracted the attention of a troll.

irishvampire13 has decided that I am the latest plagiarist. Leaving aside the question of who wrote what first, or that so many authors and artists have been affected, it seems that me and all the other people involved are liars.

<sarcasm>Why yes, there is a secret cabal of LJ users who have been stalking the plagiarist and have been cunningly stealing her work before she writes it. It's all a giant conspiracy, we even have a secret handshake. In fact, we've done a deal with the Doctor and have been using the TARDIS for our nefarious schemes.</sarcasm>

I take back all my previous compliments to you.

Of all the accusers whom I've sincerely doubted (and I do doubt), at least you have spelled "plagiarism" correctly.

If you are being honest, and you're truly afraid, just friends-lock your journal.
And another delightful comment, that pretty much states once again that we're making the entire thing up; this time via FictionPress:

From: IrishVampire13 (http://www.fictionpress.com/profile.php?userid=71536)

You're over. I take back all the nice things I said about you. I hope someone DOES steal your stories. It seems a fit punishment for false accusers.
Apparently the plagiarist isn't the only bampot who has difficulty telling right from wrong and judging fantasy from reality.
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ExasperateIt was turning out to be a slow night on surveillance, but demons never were much for timely arrivals. Spike had been amusing himself with the walkie-talkies.

"So that's how I ended up crashing one of Heff's parties." As he released the button, he heard the faint sound of a gurgling, followed by a body hitting the ground. Rolling his eyes, he changed channels and thumbed the handset. "Dawn, can you grab the portable defibrillator?"

There was a heavy sigh over the unit. "Didn't I ask you not to mention the Playboy Mansion around Xander?"

"You going to punish me?"


open_on_sundaychallenge #147: playboy bunnies
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