May 2nd, 2005


Love Me Tender

Love Me TenderBruce hated it when they fought. There was something crude about it that disturbed him deeply. It made everything seem cheap and took the shine off a relationship.

It had been that way with Gloria. She had slapped him and sworn, stamped her feet and stormed about his house in a fine rage. She even started to break his few possessions as her temper grew.

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15minuteficletsword #103: transformation
tank girl


InconsequentialDawn watched as Xander paced about the store, muttering under his breath. She had to hide behind her book as she heard him claim Spike as his sworn enemy.

Spike didn't see Xander as a worthy adversary. In fact, he didn't view Xander as much of anything beyond a minor annoyance and, if he wasn't involved with the Scoobies, would have throttled him for the sheer hell of it.

Where Xander saw an intricate conspiracy out to get him, the reality was just a bored vampire looking for a momentary diversion.

Xander just didn't get the nature of game.


spikedawnchallenge #8: nature
open_on_sundaychallenge #110: enemies
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