April 12th, 2005

tank girl

Cause and Effect

Cause and EffectSpike scented the air as Dawn handed him a mug. "You're hurt."

Holding up a hand, she showed Spike the cut across her knuckles. "I hit Principal Wood."

"In the face?"

Dawn nodded.

"The human mouth harbours some nasty bacteria, love. Let's get that seen to before you lose a hand." Spike applied Betadine and a novelty band-aid to the wound. "Want to tell me about it?"

"I told him he hurt you again I'd kill him."

"I did kill his Mum."

"He needed to know that hurting you hurts me the same way."

Spike kissed her forehead. "My hero."


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tank girl


CatalysisWith a pair of demon infestations located at opposite ends of town to take care of in one night, resources were stretched thin.

Dawn had spent the morning trying to wrangle some assistance. So far she'd managed to wangle a couple of junior Slayers, who were more than happy to kill monsters for a fee. Wolf had also promised to send someone her way. It would have to do; she just hoped it was enough.

Rolling her chair back, Dawn glared at the phone. "Do you know anyone who can handle themselves in a fight without screaming like a girl and running away when they find out exactly what they're up against?"

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