January 17th, 2005

tank girl


FletchStanding on the roof of the building, the toes of her boots over the edge, Faith looked out on the surrounding Sunnydale streets. She was only a couple of storeys up, but it offered a clear view of the main street where all the action took place, if you didn't count the cemeteries. Sunnydale could never be mistaken for LA.

A bow was held in a relaxed grip at her side, waiting until she spotted trouble.

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tank girl


ImpetusWhen Spike answered the tentative knock at his crypt door, he was surprised to see Tara standing there with a large carry-bag. He ushered her in before she bolted like a terrified deer.

"What can I do you for, love?"

Tara offered the bag to Spike. "Dawn found out that today's your birthday, she couldn't get away, but didn't think you'd want everyone knowing."

Spike looked in the bag; a six pack of beer, blood, take-out from The Bronze and a brightly wrapped gift.

"The beer's from me, but this is from Dawn." She kissed him firmly on the lips.

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