July 16th, 2004

tank girl


ShaperBrent dragged the body into the dilapidated shed and dumped it against the wall, the corpse's head hitting a laundry tub with a hollow thump. He'd butcher it later, he had more important things to see to first.

Large kettles bubbled away on a resurrected Aga. With a practiced motion, Brent lifted the lid and waited for the steam to abate, he'd long since gotten used to the smell. A brief stir brought bones to the surface of the liquid, satisfied that the boiling process was coming along nicely, he checked the peroxide baths. Draining them and carefully rinsing the contents to reveal enough bright bones to make up two adult males.

Lugging the bones across to his workroom, Brent sorted them into piles according to size. Skulls and pelvises would be ground into a meal, to become part of the cement he used to bind his work together and create the finished surface texture. The other bones would be woven and manipulated into free-form sculptures.

Brent had built up quite a reputation as an artist and had created several table lamps for exclusive design houses. He had also made a tidy dent in the crime statistics of his neighbourhood.

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