June 28th, 2004

tank girl

Art and Mystery

Art and Mystery"I'd say it's more a pastiche of Pollock's later works."

"Now you're an art critic. You have unplumbed depths, Spike."

"Always good to keep a little mystery about yourself. You'd to well to remember that, Nibblet."

"Hey, I'm mysterious."

"Oh yeah? Who was that dancing on the table in a midriff and mini combination minus the underwear?"

"I was wearing a g-string. Can we go home now?"

"Have you finished redecorating the alley with diced carrot laced artwork yet?"

"Yeah. I don't think I can throw up anything else."

"Lay off the tequila next time, love. It's not your friend."

open_on_sundaychallenge #66: dialogue