May 12th, 2004

tank girl

Bear Tales

Bear TalesOnce upon a time there was a Bear. She was a sad Bear because she had to put up with insane family and friends, as well as dealing with the evil that is the general public in a retail environment. Then there was the horror of boyfriends past, which is best not mentioned.

Along came her friend Wolf, who dragged the Bear along to see Spike, who knew all manner of ways to cheer up sad Bears.

But Spike was not very nice at all. He was very naughty. And there was much licking and biting and toys and other things that made the vicar's ears turn a rather nice shade of scarlet when they were mentioned in passing.

And the Bear was no longer sad, but Spike was walking strangely bow-legged, and Wolf went back to gnawing the itching spot on her hind leg.

And all was well with the world.

Present for nihilistbear who needed cheering up