May 4th, 2004

tank girl


ValedictionA can hit the wall and bounced off, clattering under a car.

"Feel better?" Wolf walked at Spike's side, hands deep in the pockets of her coat, bare feet silent on the pavement.

Spike shrugged and sent another can arcing into the middle of the road, a passing taxi flattened it with a crunch. "Got used to you taking Dru out hunting. Gave me some time to myself. Don't get me wrong, I love Dru, but she can drive me barmy when she's bored." He cast a sidelong glance at Wolf, a smile touching his eyes for the first time. "Got to admit, having someone warm in my bed wasn't a hardship."

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15minuteficletsword #53: evasive
Part of the Park!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse
tank girl


DiscordWitty and urbane, Lorne was the perfect host. His vocal talents were commensurate with his ability to keep Caritas' diverse clientele — human, demon and otherwise — from slaughtering each other.

Tonight he had a regular in for a reading and his people managing skills were being put to the test. A quiet word here, a free drink there. Sometimes he wondered if one man's continued patronage was worth the drop in profits.

Coughing nervously, the man stepped up to the microphone. Angel's renowned fight against evil did little to lend verisimilitude to a singing voice that sounded like cats being strangled.

wordoftheday100verisimilitude, commensurate, urbane