May 3rd, 2004

tank girl


AllusionDawn glanced up from her research. Spike was curled up on the lounge, a large leather-bound volume open in his lap and a peculiar smile on his face. Curious, she wandered over to see what had taken his interest.

"That's not going to help us find what's killing people." One of Xander's hentai comics propped open in the book, Dawn was surprised he didn't slam the book closed and make excuses like Xander always did. "A bit unrealistic."

"I could prove otherwise, love."

"I'll hold you to it." Spike paled, it was getting harder to tell when Dawn was joking.

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tank girl


RedolenceDeclán ran, tail unfurled behind him like a flag.

Wolf used her manipulation of pheromones all the time, for everything from scaring a confession out of someone to an embarrassing headline at a biker bar. But when he tried to do the same, admittedly to pull the blonde with the luscious legs, things went awry.

Which was how he came to be running through the back streets of London with the blonde's German Shepherd hot on his heels.

Unfortunately, his attempt at chemical seduction was misinterpreted as I'm a bitch in heat. If Wolf heard, he'd never live it down.

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