April 11th, 2004

tank girl


SemanticsMr Vandemar leaned against the wall picking his nails with a large knife as the erudite Mr Croup enlightened a terrified man about their intentions. Duplicity wasn't their strong suit, nor were threats.

People often mistook their somewhat blunt statements about the future location and condition of bodily organs as intimidation. These little misunderstandings were soon rectified with the judicial application of one or more sharp implements.

"Is it time to be killing things yet, Mr Croup?"

"Why, yes, I do believe it is, Mr Vandemar."

In a short period of time, a very large quantity of blood was spilled.

tank girl


ElucidationExpecting another ritual in the desert, Buffy was surprised when Giles led her into a smoky bar and proceeded to discuss her behaviour in a very unWatcher-like manner.

"I can understand reaching out to Spike and your need for closeness, what I don't get is your contrary treatment of him after the fact."

Buffy refused to meet his eyes. She couldn't believe anyone could want her when she was dead inside, when Spike looked at her as if she was alive and worthy of his love, she couldn't stand it.

"Spike took the pain away, I needed to feel something."

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