March 30th, 2004

tank girl


ContusionsDawn had managed to manhandle Spike downstairs, get him onto his bed and ply him with alcohol until he passed out. It took a little more effort to single handedly strip the insensible man so she could treat his injuries without causing him further pain.

Wincing at the collection of bruises marring his legs, Dawn was long since past the embarrassment of seeing Spike naked.

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15minuteficletsword #48: collection
Part of the Alley!verse
tank girl


DecisionsDawn found she couldn't sleep.

She lay in bed contemplating the ceiling, Spike's limbs wound about her body as his face burrowed into her chest, her thoughts were churning with ways to deal with a destructive relationship that was beyond her ken.

Torn with indecision about confronting her sister, who was sneaking about like a thief in the night, Dawn could see a lot of screaming and denial in choosing that path.

Perhaps talking to Spike in the morning would be easier, at least she would have a conversation that wouldn't degenerate into name-calling.

Decision made, she drifted into sleep.

Part of the Alley!verse