March 23rd, 2004

tank girl

Chinese Silk

Chinese SilkIf you were looking, all you would have seen was the brief flash of a red and gold silk Chinese dress. You wouldn't have noticed her if you'd been standing beside her in the lift, although you may have caught a glimpse of the reflection of a tall, classically beautiful Indian woman in the mirror.

The woman exited the lift on one of the mid level floors of a towering city office block and made her way through the security doors that opened for her without the benefit of a security card.

The company had several floors in the building. This one was laid out in an open plan style, with island clusters of desks dotted about the floor in some designers dream of modern functionality, that served as more a soul destroying workplace with a total lack of privacy than anything approaching comfort. The floor boasted a magnificent panorama of the city at night and the woman was enjoying the view, her forehead pressed against the cool glass as she watched the lights of the traffic below, while behind her the floors sole remaining occupant was hard at work.

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30minutemusechallenge #4: work and play
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