March 9th, 2004

tank girl

Sunday Morning Rituals

Sunday Morning RitualsThe little guy strains against his harness, waiting for me to get a firm grip and enough slack on his lead before I can release him. He's off like a shot, his tail standing straight up as he zooms through the two segments of concrete pipe in the middle of the park in a figure of eight pattern.

Malamute has long since figured out Husky's ritual of water pipe weaving and now waits at the end for him to appear so she can hammer him. A scruff to the neck and some growling later and it's time to play chase along the perimeter of the dog exercise area.

As the chasing winds down, a more sedate investigation of the surroundings takes place. I watch as Malamute christens the kopper log uprights of the surrounding fence and any interesting clumps of grass. Husky follows in her wake, seeing her pee and raising it, in a game of canine brinkmanship.

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30minutemusechallenge #2: setting
Part of the Pod!verse
tank girl


ConsequencesThe car made grinding noises as Spike gingerly drove it home. Dawn's driving lesson had not been kind to Xander's car and it was a safe bet that the gearbox was history.

Spike glanced at the girl in the passenger seat. Dawn was trying her best to look chastened by the mayhem she had caused, but every so often he caught a glimpse of smug self-satisfaction flitting across her face.

"You do know that you will be explaining the car to his nibs?" Spike explained with a stern glare, Dawn composed her face into an appropriate expression of understanding, with just the right hint of pleading thrown in for good measure. "And don't think bloody cow eyes will work this time, my girl."

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15minuteficletsword #45: misdirection
Part of the Training!verse