February 16th, 2004

tank girl

Cloak of Invisibility

Cloak Of InvisibilityThe woman fronted up to the bar, squeezing between two patrons who were struggling to convey a large numbers of drinks through the press of people waiting for service. Admittedly there were a lot of people waiting to place their order, but even if it was a slow night, she was always ignored in pubs. The staff either overlooking her or assuming she was with someone else, and tonight was no different.

It wasn't like she was a mousy brown secretary decked out in office bland either. Working with a creative company that encouraged individuality made for a working environment that resembled a corporate suit's idea of a freak zoo.

She's recently tied for stupidest hair in the company, the staff still undecided over whether dreadlocks or shaving your hair into interesting shapes was the more imaginative choice. A face full of piercings added to her non-clone look. But even taking that into consideration, she practically had to jump the bar and crash tackle a bartender for service.

There'd been many theories tossed about over her pub invisibility problem. The simplest being that it was a pub thing. Pub thing, not being clarified, although the Twilight Zone theme was offered by way of an explanation. There were also suggestions that she try donning a clone suit to see if she still suffered the same problem. This, it was implied, would at least narrow it down to her being in possession of a cloak of invisibility that only activated in specific social situations. It was also a given that she worked with way too many geeks.

Finally catching the eye of a harried bartender she placed her order. Looking at her watch, she smiled, fifteen minutes, a new record. Collecting the drinks, she took part in the traditional feat of pub juggling and returned to enjoy another Friday night with her friends bitching about work.

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tank girl


TechnophobiaBloody vampire, always complaining about the taste of his rations.

Of course human blood tastes better, you're drinking straight from the source. The butcher supplied product suffers the taint of time. And with the appalling state of abattoirs these days, the processing side of things is none too safe either, it's a dodgy enough prospect eating meat these days.

I would have expected Spike to know not to microwave his food in the plastic packaging. I thought he would have known better than to follow food preparation tips from people whose only concept of food is a pre-packaged microwaveable box.

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