February 7th, 2004

tank girl

The Great Creamed Corn Caper

The Great Creamed Corn CaperDawn's fingers were curled around a cup of hot chocolate that had long since reached room temperature, melted marshmallow gunk congealing to a consistency that would require power tools to remove. Her knuckles were white from the death grip she was inflicting on the defenceless mug.

Spike gently pried the mug from Dawn's hands before she shattered it. Emptying the contents into the sink, he tried to wash the residue out. "I think you may have killed the crockery, love." He hoped that a good soak in hot water would help with the degunking process, but he wouldn't have placed a bet on the outcome.

"I'm sick of Xander attacking you, Spike. It's not fair."

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Part of both The Pavlov Experiment and Mischief!verse, this is dedicated to moonbeamsfanfic and leni_ba who wrote me delicious stories to tempt me into extending Partners in Crime.

Many thanks to nihilistbear for volunteering as beta. Her witty running commentary was hilarious, much of which made it into the story.