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DispersalWolf cocked her head and contemplated the tall metal fence, she unceremoniously hefted the man's body over, hearing it land with a thump, before she clambering over with far more grace.

Drusilla had entered before Wolf and was already prowling about the zoo grounds, cooing at a few sleepy animals, who had seen far stranger things than a vampire accompanied by a naked woman with a corpse.

"Pass me my knives, love." Wolf dumped the body on the lawn and retrieved her blades. Working quickly she skinned the body and started to expertly butcher it.

"Ooo... his insides are prettier than his outsides. Didn't I tell you they would be, Puppy?" Drusilla clapped in delight.

"That you did." Wolf handed Drusilla several choice cuts of ex-would be rapist. "Why don't you go feed the lions." Drusilla scampered off, giggling like a little girl who had been given the important task of feeding chunks of bloody goodness to the family pets.

In a surprisingly short period of time, Wolf had reduced the body to its component parts. Not even the interruption of Drusilla returning for more treats and asking for advice on which of her new friends would prefer lung to liver slowed her down. Then it was a simple matter of applying the appropriate leverage to joints and the skeleton had soon been neatly disarticulated.

Gathering the smaller bones together, Wolf wrapped the man's skin around them and folded the bundle neatly. She tied the arms together, slung the package over her shoulder and picking up the remaining longer bones, joined Drusilla.

"Dru, honey. Want to see who can toss these the farthest into the lion enclosure?"

"Here, kitties. Mummy and her Puppy have a lovely treat for you." Several meaty leg and arm bones sailed deep into the cat's den.

There were the sounds of curious felines inspecting their free meals followed, a few moments later, by the clear sounds of large cats contented gnawing.

"That was fun. Can we do it again tomorrow?"

15minuteficletsword #51: deeper
Part of the Park!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


( 6 howls — talk to the wolf )
20th Apr, 2004 10:36 (UTC)
Oh, very gory - you were right - but deliciously visceral. Reminds me of the Sandman and the - I forget the exact name - the city of the dead and training in air burial. Loved it.
20th Apr, 2004 11:58 (UTC)
Petrefax in Necropolis Litharge. I had to look up the city name, but I remember Petrefax, the apprentice undertaker. And I wasn't thinking of him here, more in terms of practicality and making use of someone in death when they were useless to mankind in life.
20th Apr, 2004 13:11 (UTC)
I like the disposal method. Particularly the choice cuts. *evil smirk*
21st Apr, 2004 04:06 (UTC)
There's never a branch shredder around when you need one, so you have to make do.
21st Apr, 2004 03:01 (UTC)
Wolf handed Drusilla several choice cuts of ex-would be rapist

My dear, you crack me up. Oddly enough, this line made me smile. I suddenly had this mental image of the fat butcher down the street trying to sell me "choice cuts of ex-would be rapist."
21st Apr, 2004 04:09 (UTC)
I can now see your butcher offering you cooking tips. Which bits are perfect for roasting, what should be grilled, a little something for the backyard barbecue.
( 6 howls — talk to the wolf )