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StingMoving out of the shadows as he spotted his prey, a pale woman who was calling for her lost dog, the man started when she looked right at him.

"Please, sir, have you seen Puppy? She's been ever so naughty." Drusilla showed the man her delicate leash.

"Your puppy will need to find a new home, bitch." There was a momentary flash of shock that his victim smiled at him, followed by blinding pain as the hand holding a knife at Drusilla's throat was crushed by a wolf's powerful jaws.

"Puppy said you were a troglodyte. Now we can play."

Part of the Park!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


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18th Apr, 2004 11:06 (UTC)
18th Apr, 2004 11:18 (UTC)
Thank you!
18th Apr, 2004 16:46 (UTC)
Liking Puppy more and more - and how very satisfying to hear that Drusilla gets to play. I'm sure this fellow will.. enjoy it.
18th Apr, 2004 23:32 (UTC)
He's just the toy and doesn't really get to have much say in the girls' games.
19th Apr, 2004 03:41 (UTC)
Ha Ha Ha! That jerk sure got what was coming to him...

I love Dru and puppy in equal amounts.
19th Apr, 2004 03:56 (UTC)
He did seem to forget that sometimes there are things in the park that are even nastier that he was.
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