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"I keep meaning to ask, Pam. What's with your smile at the door tonight? You looked miles away." Sookie cocked her head in interest.

"It's a slow night. No bar fights, no hens nights, no frat boys. So I amused myself by contemplating the best way to kill each person as they arrived." Pam nodded towards a man sitting in a nearby booth. "Blue suit with a Bowie knife through the heart. His companion, smothered with a plastic bag." She shrugged. "It makes me feels warm and fuzzy."

Sookie shuddered. "Remind me not to ask you questions like that again."


trueblood100challenge #23: better


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9th Dec, 2010 23:19 (UTC)
Love this ! I just spent the last 20 min or so reading some of your fiction. You're a really talented writer and you capture the characters perfectly.
12th Dec, 2010 10:28 (UTC)
Many thanks!
( 2 howls — talk to the wolf )