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SemanticsMr Vandemar leaned against the wall picking his nails with a large knife as the erudite Mr Croup enlightened a terrified man about their intentions. Duplicity wasn't their strong suit, nor were threats.

People often mistook their somewhat blunt statements about the future location and condition of bodily organs as intimidation. These little misunderstandings were soon rectified with the judicial application of one or more sharp implements.

"Is it time to be killing things yet, Mr Croup?"

"Why, yes, I do believe it is, Mr Vandemar."

In a short period of time, a very large quantity of blood was spilled.



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11th Apr, 2004 02:53 (UTC)
There is always a blitheness with which you address grotesque situations that frankly, terrifies me. And keeps me coming back for more.
11th Apr, 2004 03:04 (UTC)
Alley!verse aside, my Spike and Dawn adventures are usually light and humourous, but I really enjoy playing with the things that can bite back. That's probably why I'm drawn to Croup and Vandemar in general and Mr Vandemar in particular.
11th Apr, 2004 05:34 (UTC)
Those two are so creepy in their cheerful professionalism. (And one of the best parts of the book, too.) You write them well.
11th Apr, 2004 08:44 (UTC)

Funny how everyone always classes Neverwhere as a book, the mini series came first, but I don't think it screened in the US. Stunningly visual show.
11th Apr, 2004 16:52 (UTC)
Never seen the show (and yeah, I'm pretty sure nobody broadcast it in America), but I did read and enjoy the book. Gaiman does have a way with visuals, even in prose...
12th Apr, 2004 02:57 (UTC)
A&E released it on DVD, region 0, so everyone can enjoy it. Neil Gaiman does the commentary too.
( 6 howls — talk to the wolf )