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With the rain keeping the demons at bay, Faith and Andrew had gone to ground for administrative reasons and left Xander to deal with the nightmare of bored Slayers.

"Check Viv next. What's with his name?"

Andrew didn't need to look that one up. "It's Vivian."

"He has a girl's name?"

"His family came from Antigua and are huge Viv Richards fans." Faith still looked blank. "He's a famous West Indian cricketer."

"Oh, the guys in white who play for days and break for tea. Strange game. Is that the weirdest name?"

Andrew shrugged. "Nothing's weirder than Buffy."

"Good point."


open_on_sundaychallenge #369: marathon
open_on_sundaychallenge #370: elbow
open_on_sundaychallenge #371: gossip
Part of the London!verse


( 5 howls — talk to the wolf )
3rd May, 2010 10:42 (UTC)
Two of my heroes are Marion Morrison and Francis Marion -- both males, although one lived in the 1700's and one in the 1900's.
3rd May, 2010 18:30 (UTC)
Don't recognise Francis Marion, although should point out that Francis is the male variant spelling and Frances is the female. I have both in the family.

The Duke, you're welcome to, I've never been a fan. He's the only male Marion I think I've run across.

There a couple of actors called Carel and Carroll.
4th May, 2010 05:45 (UTC)
Just as I'm close friends with many liberals despite not understanding their brain processes, I'll simply pass by your clear lack of understanding of the Duke's overwhelming awesomeness. ;-) (Jeez, for a second there I sounded so much like a Chuck Norris fanatatic that I got a little queasy.)

Caroll O'Conner -- in addition to being a great actor, I understand he was a great guy in real life despite his iconic Archie Bunker persona.

Francis Marion, better known as "The Swamp Fox", was a Revolutionary War leader who fought the British in the Carolinas. The main character from "The Patriot" was based (a little) on Marion, and the final battle in the movie was based (kinda) on a battle called The Cowpens that Marion participated in, and I just realized how incredibly dull I can be when going on about history.
4th May, 2010 07:30 (UTC)
My step father is a huge fan of The Duke, so I think I may have been Duked out as a kid. I've always leaned more towards Clint Eastwood and Sergio Leone for my taste in westerns.

Carroll O'Connor is a great actor who I just (again) saw recently in Kelly's Heroes. O'Connor and Eastwood in one movie. Win! The whole Archie Bunker thing is off my radar as nothing more than a character name. I know the character, just not as someone who ever saw the show. I don't have a clue if it ever aired here. The other Carel is Carel Struycken who is in quiet a few movies I'm very fond of.
4th May, 2010 10:57 (UTC)
See, if my stepfather had been a Duke fan I'd have just hated John Wayne -- the way I hated my stepfather. Still, I also like Eastwood westerns; to me his and Wayne's films were two different animals, like western apples and oranges. I have wildly varying, and sometimes contrary, tastes.

Kelly's Heroes is simply one of the best movies of any kind, ever. Loved that flick, and what a cast!
( 5 howls — talk to the wolf )