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"What the hell is it?" Faith leaned forward, reversing the video to see if she could get a handle on what she was seeing.

"No idea. Xander reckons it's someone's pet bear." Andrew shook his head

"No. Walking upright comes natural." Faith slow-motioned the video. "I don't think bears wear lamp shades on their head and half their body weight in gold chains either."

"There's nothing in the footage of it being dangerous and there's no reports of anything connected to it. It's probably just some dumb reality show or prank."

Faith stretched. "Still, that is a great costume."


open_on_sundaychallenge #308: bear/bare
open_on_sundaychallenge #309: jewel/jewellery
open_on_sundaychallenge #310: lamp
Part of the London!verse


5th Mar, 2009 18:24 (UTC)
I settled on cereal because it doesn't require any higher brain functions to make, but when I reached into the fridge for the milk I accidentally grabbed the orange juice instead.

I just poured OJ over my cereal. ::headdesks::

Ugh... mornings.
5th Mar, 2009 20:07 (UTC)
Does cereal work with orange juice? You may have discovered something there.

You're not missing a pop culture reference. It was just an odd collection of prompts.

Don't have to think about breakfast this morning. It's Friday. I walk into Harry's half asleep and they give me chai and a chocolate muffin. This is the good thing about never bothering to change your order.

Oddly the different cafes around work know me by different orders. The Vard knows me as soy hot chocolate and Tobys know me as regular hot chocolate. On Wednesdays The Lord Roberts knows me as steak, rare and whatever's on the third tap. (Until they replaced the Bulmers with Stella. That was my favourite tap ::sulk::)
7th Mar, 2009 11:35 (UTC)
Thinking about redwolfoz's stories while trying to wake up will do that to you.