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The Ghosts of Trolls Past

Anybody who's been around here long enough would have run across the hissy fit of insanity that is irishvampire13. But I'll throw in a bit of back history for those fortunate enough to have not stumbled over this particular wingnut.

If she happened to be on your flist, she would initially give the impression of being reasonably sane, if more than a little overly confrontational over the odd trigger topic with other commenters. It usually takes a little while to spot that her favourite game was trolling her friend of friends list and attacking complete strangers. Mostly her attacks were brushed off as juvenile rantings, but occasionally she picked the wrong people to attack and was publicly shredded, which was always hilarious. Not so funny were the times I spotted her in action when she ripped into unsuspecting kids, really upset them, then she ran off to her own LJ and cried that she'd been picked on unfairly. Basicly, a total drama queen with no self-esteem, a need to have her ego stroked constantly and a case of self-obsession that borders on the pathological.

I originally fell afoul of her during a incident back in 2006 where a non-LJ author had plagiarised some of my drabbles, along with the work of a hell of a lot of other authors. irishvampire13 got it into her tiny little mind that I was actually the plagiarist and screeched that I'd made the whole thing up. Apparently, I'd roped all the other authors into a grand deception that only she could see. Yes, to normal people this sounds barking mad, but irishvampire13 was determined that she was right, everyone was wrong and proceeded to stalk me across several web sites when I booted her off my flist.

Her drive-by trollings happened every so often and I posted them as a public service announcement to others who'd been drive-by trolled by her and to publicly out her behaviour of hiding behind snide private messages.

I hadn't heard jack about irishvampire13 for ages, when I got a friend request out of the blue from waitinginweeds in mid December. I'd never seen the account in passing, never seen it comment on anything of mine or anyone else I know. The name was a complete blank.

I'm not terribly active on LJ of late and only add people as friends if I actively follow their work. The term friend is a pain in the arse, it really should be called something else. Just because I don't friend someone in return doesn't mean I don't like them. Mostly I don't know them from a bar of soap in the first place and it just means we likely have different tastes or I have no interest in reading the personal journal of a stranger. Not really a problem until I locked down my LJ a while back, which pretty much throws my usual friending policy into disarray. I'll likely unlock it again in the future when this annoys me enough.

So, back to the mysterious waitinginweeds. Off I go to check out who it is, only to find it's one of irishvampire13 many locked down I'm writing the bestest novel ever that I'll never finish LJs. It's full of painfully awful Mary Sue Mills-and-Boon-ish drivel with stereotypical character names straight out of Romance Writing for Dummies. It keeps her happy and out of everyone else's hair, so more power to her, it just really wasn't my cup of tea.

At the time she'd attempted to hide all connection to her main irishvampire13 account, but it was pretty bloody obvious from her fetishes. She used the same layout as some of her other LJs, insisted on linking to the same garbage as her other LJs and recycled her grand drama queen moniker, La belle dame sans merci, as a name. I'm guessing she thought I was too stupid to notice. I hunt spammers as a hobby and I have really good pattern recognition skills, it couldn't have been more obvious to me if she'd tattooed her name across her forehead.

She has a history of her attacking me, attacking my friends and generally behaving like a dick. So, no, I really don't think I want to friend her sockpuppet account in return.

I ignore her. The same day she comments on a long dead comm that I moderate:

Hello; I hope you don't mind me friending you. I'm new to LiveJournal, and have been trying to find interesting people.
There has been no activity on the wordoftheday100 since mid 2006. There is no reason for anyone to contact me there. Contacting the last active author, yes; the mod, that's just odd. If waitinginweeds had really just run across me, it would likely be on either open_on_sunday or dw100 and not the long dead wordoftheday100. However, it was one of the few comms we had in common, so if I didn't already know who it was, spamming me there was a pretty big bloody clue.

And again, I ignore her. Oh noes! How dare I not friend her back. Three days later I get a private message:

Seeing as you haven't friended me back (I'm guessing you're too busy--but, given the season, who ISN'T?), I feel the need to level with you.

A friend of mine recently lost a few icons that she said you made for her. When she described them, they sounded beautiful. I'd appreciate it if you'd at least Friend me long enough for me to find and retrieve them for her.

It'd be a nice, Christmasy thing to do.

From I'm a complete stranger she's now switched her story to I'm a friend of a friend and I want something. The whole passive aggressive tone of her missive is pretty much guaranteed to get right up my nose.

Bear in mind that at this point in time her waitinginweeds account, which was created in June, still hadn't friended her main irishvampire13 account or had removed it prior to starting this little stunt, so if I was really thick I wouldn't have a fucking clue what she was talking about. Plus, I haven't made icons in well over a year.

However, I do note that her irishvampire13 account is still using one of my icons that she likes enough to use, but doesn't have the decency to attribute. She wants me to give her copies of my work, when she refuses to attribute the stuff of mine that she's already using? Hmm... I don't think so. But never mind that, I put her straight back into the Go fuck yourself box and went happily back to ignoring her.

All is quiet again until a couple of days back when I get a shiny new friend on Iconbuffet. IB is an icon sharing site that is nothing like LJ. Icon as a term gets a bit confusing here, so I'd better explain a little more. On IB, the icons are graphic sets you can use on a web site, software or your desktop. They are all created by the owners of IB and the sharing part of the site is a game of swapping icons for points. These icons have no relation to LJ icons, which are technically avatars.

I don't really interact there and the site is quietly dying, but friending has no real meaning or use, so it becomes automatic to friend everyone else. As usual, when a newbie turns up, I drop a couple of the IB icons on them. They get shiny, I get points, all is right with the world. Until my new IB friend, Openwater413 leaves a couple of private messages:

By the way, while we're on this seemingly generous streak on your part...

Guess who this really is? I'd appreciate it if you'd at least pretend to be a decent person, and give back my To The Moon And Back icons that you made me some years ago. A friend of mine apparently tried to get them back for me last Christmas, and told me about her attempt when you blew her off. She was deeply upset at your seeming lack of manners. She's a sweet kid, and she deserves better; she's earned better karma through doing that than you could ever hope to gain in one thousand lifetimes.

You know where to find me. As I said, I'd love to have those icons back after that stupid virus last year. They were some of the best anyone's ever made me (not that you're nice enough to earn that praise; I simply prefer being honest).

P.S. Where to find me will NOT be here.
So my normal IB behaviour is now seemingly generous, which irishvampire13 seems to interpret as You will give me what I want! Um, no, I really don't think I will.

I didn't initially associate her IB account with her LJ account. It's a new pseudonym and she had no profile information to connect them at the time. She does now. Her German pop star fetish has appeared and she claims to be 28. I certainly never would have picked her for 28, but that fetish link is a dead give away.

I see that she's still under the impression that I'm stupid and couldn't possibly have seen through her cunning ruse.

Firstly, I didn't blow her friend off, I had no contact with her sockpuppet whatsoever. If her sockpuppet has interpreted my silence as bad manners, perhaps irishvampire13 should look at getting less fragile invisible friends.

Secondly, seeing as I know who the purported friend really is, I strongly dispute that she's a sweet kid. Of course, at the time of this great breach of manners irishvampire13 and waitinginweeds were still not LJ friends.

Thirdly, taking a dig at me when you want me to give you something really tends to put me in the not wanting to be terribly helpful kind of mood.

Fourthly, honest? She wouldn't know honest if it crawled out of her own arse. This entire episode has been an exercise in nothing but dishonesty. But I did mention way back at the beginning that irishvampire13 was not exactly moving in the realms of the sane.

In the world of mostly normal people, if you've had a barney with someone and you need them to help you out with something, apologising for being a complete twat would be a nice start. Throwing in I have no right to expect you to forgive me for attacking you and your friends might have been helpful. Telling them that you still think they suck probably isn't the brightest of moves, but I think everyone can see a pattern forming here.

As usual she's being a dick, so I reported her stupidity to IB. And she whined:

Gee, thanks a lot. All you had to do was let me have those icons back. You didn't have to flag me.

Can you at least be decent enough to open the LJ entry where you posted them? That's all I'm asking; it isn't as though that's something difficult. Forty-eight hours should be long enough for me to look on your LJ, see that it's open, get my icons back, and leave. That's all, okay? I don't care about anything else.

By the way, having me flagged like that? It doesn't exactly say much for your personal maturity level. You might want to reassess your methods. Whatever grudge you might have against me is inexplicable and unnecessary.
Actually, yes, I did have to flag her like that. She made a personal attack and she has a history of randomly attacking friends of friends, so it was well worth reporting her behaviour in case she is off trolling other IB accounts. And, of course, I flagged her oh so mature comeback.

She's demanding I hand over my artwork when she refuses to attribute my icons that she's currently using. Exactly why would I want to give my work to an ungrateful little bitch who makes her demands while screeching that she hates me? Not exactly seeing any incentive there.

I don't have a personal grudge against her, I don't care if she lives or dies, but her paranoia and self-obsession won't accept that. I just view her as an interesting example of a complete bampot in full flail and will happily point out her behaviour so anyone else she targets can see that she has a history of rampant stupid and they didn't do anything to attract it.

If you've read this far, you'll probably be asking yourself What icons? And a good question it is too. I have never posted icons in my LJ. While I may have posted some in comments, I have no reference to them and am not trawling through six years of posts looking for something that likely doesn't exist outside of irishvampire13's head.

The really pathetic thing is that even if I did friend the silly bitch and she wandered off icon hunting, she would then whine that I'd deleted the icons out of spite when she couldn't find them.

Despite my reluctance to check the back catalogue, I really don't think it's necessary. Going back to irishvampire13's first rant on IB, she outs herself as an even bigger idiot. No, really, it is possible.

The missing icons appear to be called To The Moon And Back. You know what? That isn't my work or, if it is, I certainly don't have any reference to it. It matches nothing I created for her or anyone else. So, unless it's lurking under something completely different, it doesn't exist.

A round up for those who skipped the boring bits. irishvampire13 infects her PC with a virus while downloading the kind of videos the Internet Jesus (warren_ellis) usually prefaces with For God's sale, don't look. Okay, so I'm taking the piss a little. Said virus trashes the contents of said PC and the foaming loon hatches a cunning plan to trick me into handing over artwork that I never created by waving a sockpuppet at me and abusing me on a third party site.

Now that we've determined that irishvampire13 is a fucking moron who is in desperate need of a functioning brain, I think I'll cheerfully go back to ignoring her and see what gems of insanity drop into my field of view the next time she's off her meds.

This kind of thing just reinforces my belief that someone is handing out computers with internet access to the residents of Happy Dale.
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