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"Let me get this straight. Somebody spiked Xander's coffee, he thinks we've been infiltrated by vampires posing as Slayers, has holed up in a fort made from training mats and is defending himself with a flotation device. Does that cover it?"

"It's a pool noodle," Andrew added helpfully.

Faith wasn't even trying to keep a straight face. "What's the plan, boss?"

Giles sighed. "Use the tranquilliser gun and get him to sick bay."

He was certain he heard Faith call dibs on shooting Xander as they left his office. Another day like this and he'd fight her for the gun.


open_on_sundaychallenge #266: plant
open_on_sundaychallenge #267: force
Part of the London!verse


( 6 howls — talk to the wolf )
6th May, 2008 09:44 (UTC)
Sounds like their coffee is a lot better than the stuff in my office.
15th May, 2008 08:05 (UTC)
You just want to do battle with pool noodles.
17th May, 2008 07:28 (UTC)
battling pool noodles
And why not?!
25th May, 2008 15:46 (UTC)
I wanna go play in Xander's fort - did they leave it up at least??

What's a pool noodle?
25th May, 2008 21:04 (UTC)
I suspect the fort was quickly disassembled when somebody else needed the mats.

Pool noodles are strange pool toys. Basically they're two metre long lengths of tubular polystyrene that're about 5cm across and come in bright colours. I've never really seen the point of them.
25th May, 2008 22:01 (UTC)
Oh I've seen those - didn't know that what they got called though...
( 6 howls — talk to the wolf )