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Andrew looked over Friday's agenda. They were still searching for a viable solution for parents whose toddlers could put them through a wall during a temper tantrum. Then there was the issue of the geriatric delinquents.

Nancy had been a heroine of the Resistance, not that she ever spoke of it, and Agnes was a diminutive great-grandmother who baked a mean date roll. The pair of them had taken to playing frail and helpless on public transport, before stomping all over their attackers.

Andrew doubted anyone would believe the Underground vigilantes were a pair of little old lady Slayers.


open_on_sundaychallenge #258: march
Part of the London!verse


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3rd Mar, 2008 11:15 (UTC)
I've given a lot of thought to when, in the post-Chosen universe, girls become slayers. I'd concluded for sanity's sake that they aren't called until they hit puberty -- and even then you'd have some dangerously young minds with great power. I'd also thought that at a certain age, potentials become too old to be called, but in this new world elderly slayers would happen ventually -- and heaven help muggers when they do!
3rd Mar, 2008 20:06 (UTC)
There was footage used when all the potential Slayers got their powers of girls who were definitely prepubescent, so I ran with that.

And again, I've called all of the older women who were potentials as well. It would be tougher to pry women past their teenage years out of their lifestyle (career, raising a family, other commitments), but older women would likely have time on their hands and I could see them being amused to take on a role that was unexpected.
6th Mar, 2008 07:54 (UTC)
All those old ladies beating up the bad guys, that would be great! Basically I limited myself because I've made my post-Chosen universe complicated enough, and I didn't want to deal with either baby or elderly slayers; I'm simple like that.
3rd Mar, 2008 11:42 (UTC)
Ah, yes - Hell's Grannies meet their match!
3rd Mar, 2008 20:07 (UTC)
Somehow I can't see too many of their victims reporting the attacks. I would have liked to have included something along those lines — a desk sergeant spraining something from laughter — but the word limit kicked in.
3rd Mar, 2008 17:48 (UTC)
Old lady and toddler slayers! Awesome!!
3rd Mar, 2008 20:08 (UTC)
It would make for an interesting change to existing training protocols.
4th Mar, 2008 23:59 (UTC)
Little old lady Slayers for the win :D
5th Mar, 2008 02:24 (UTC)
Every time!
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