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Raining Blood

Raining BloodDawn ran after her sister, but Buffy had Slayer skills and was soon lost to her. She had little choice but to search the hard way, starting from the centre of town and spiralling out.

In the end she heard them long before she saw them. The preliminaries were over and Buffy had gotten down to the business of working out her frustrations with her fists.

"Stop it!"

Buffy looked up in surprise, Dawn held a crossbow aimed at her heart.

"Step away from Spike."

"You don't understand."

Dawn helped Spike to his feet, backing away from her sister.

open_on_sundaychallenge #54: tori amos: raining blood
Part of the Alley!verse
Tags: alley, buffy summers, dawn summers, fan fiction, fiction, spike

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