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Rose stood with her back to the TARDIS door, breathing heavily and glaring at her companions. "It's not funny."

"Yes." Jack wiped a tear from his eye. "It is, sweetheart."

"It was hilarious," the Doctor added.

Rose had stepped forward to greet the local dignitary, tripped and landed at his feet. The Doctor and Jack had hauled her out by her hoodie, leaving a neat Rose-shaped hole in the snow.

The locals had gotten very excited, claimed the imprint to be an omen and started chasing Rose for autographs like deranged fans. It got a little weird after that.


dw100challenge #180: impression
dw100challenge #181: portend


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18th Jan, 2008 10:55 (UTC)
A *little* weird? Well, I guess so, relatively speaking ...
18th Jan, 2008 13:50 (UTC)
Everything is relative.
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