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Andrew read through the latest field report. The writing style was faultless, and the punctuation was a welcome relief from what he usually had to wade through. However, it was not without its eccentricities.

There was a succinct, yet informative description of the hunt and following fight. The characterisations of the demon were also good.

The additional notations, some of which proved to be previously unknown, would be an asset. It was the side-notes that were disturbing. Andrew wasn't sure he wanted to know how they'd discovered the demon's penchant for origami. Some things he didn't need to know.


open_on_sundaychallenge #250: revelation/reveal
Part of the London!verse


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12th Jan, 2008 07:40 (UTC)
Maybe Andrew should commission an origami paper; you never know where the next clue might take you.
13th Jan, 2008 10:28 (UTC)
Somehow, tracking back a supplier of origami paper doesn't take me as a task that a Watcher would normally need to do to find a demon. They may need to brush up on their skill set.
13th Jan, 2008 11:12 (UTC)
Just as a specialist doctor needs to have a passing knowledge of general medicine, a watcher needs to be familiar with many areas of what would generally be considered trivia. You never know when basket weaving might save a life.
( 3 howls — talk to the wolf )