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Giles looked around the room hoping that someone had an answer.

Faith shrugged. "I just got in from a mission and missed the whole thing."

"I was reviewing the security tapes when I spotted it." Andrew balanced his chair on its back legs. "That's the first I knew of the incident."

"Don't look at me." Xander muttered. "I was tied up in the supply closet."

"We have a damage bill in the thousands, a concussion and three broken bones." Giles ran through the list. "Can someone explain why the junior Slayers were playing hockey on an oiled the gymnasium floor?"


open_on_sundaychallenge #246: oil
Part of the London!verse


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10th Dec, 2007 11:59 (UTC)
I'd pay to see that kind of hockey game.
10th Dec, 2007 20:08 (UTC)
Preferably from a safe distance.
11th Dec, 2007 18:06 (UTC)
*raises hand* I can explain, Giles! Because it's *fun*!
11th Dec, 2007 20:11 (UTC)
I'm sure that will go down well.
12th Dec, 2007 21:19 (UTC)
"Just remember, Giles, there was a time when you were younger, and would have done the exact same thing with a grin on your face."

Hm. Reminding him that he's no longer young is probably not the best approach.
12th Dec, 2007 21:50 (UTC)
You may want to be using someone else as a shield if you try that excuse.
13th Dec, 2007 07:37 (UTC)
using someone else as a shield
Are you busy?
15th Dec, 2007 18:07 (UTC)
Xander muttered. "I was tied up in the supply closet."

He should be glad they didn't have him propped up in goal...
16th Dec, 2007 10:25 (UTC)
They must not have been thinking straight.
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