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They stumble into the TARDIS, laughing at insanity of the celebrations.

"What's this?" Rose held up a small, brightly coloured pod she'd found in her pocket.

Jack reached over to take a look at the object.

"No." The Doctor yelled a fraction too late. As Jack touched the pod in Rose's hand, there was a puff and their hands were bound together.

"Hey!" Rose tried to tug her hand away and found she was stuck fast.

"They use them as party favours during the festival to pick up strangers."

Jack offered another pod to the Doctor. "Care to join us?"


mad_jackschallenge: nine/jack/rose, bondage
dw100challenge #172: pod


( 6 howls — talk to the wolf )
13th Nov, 2007 10:42 (UTC)
Oh I spotted it in dw1oo first - it didn't occur to me it was the one for me!

Thank you *so* much. I love it
13th Nov, 2007 10:52 (UTC)
Happy you like it.

Am amused by the use of non-lethal crowd control devices being co-opted as a dating toy.
13th Nov, 2007 10:51 (UTC)
Lol, that was as cute as the one involving the braclets that showed how in sync lovers could be.
13th Nov, 2007 11:48 (UTC)
Well ... that's a sticky situation.
13th Nov, 2007 12:23 (UTC)
At least it was just hands. Could have been even stickier.
14th Nov, 2007 06:46 (UTC)
Yes, but maybe more fun.
( 6 howls — talk to the wolf )