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Wolf and Declán Fan Art

A while back, laridian mentioned that guado was offering chibi and line art commissions.

I've been after Wolf and Declán artwork for a while, so jumped at the chance.


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11th Nov, 2007 12:51 (UTC)
Great stuff! :D
11th Nov, 2007 13:08 (UTC)
They are adorable, aren't they.

Thanks for the heads up on guado too. Much appreciated.
11th Nov, 2007 13:25 (UTC)
Not a problem at all! I like her work, and like to spread the word for my friends. :)
11th Nov, 2007 17:38 (UTC)
I love Wolf's shirt! And Declan's pocket watch. :-)
11th Nov, 2007 20:06 (UTC)
I really need to source one of those shirts too. Haven't been able to track one down yet.
11th Nov, 2007 19:38 (UTC)
They are adorable little chibi's, that's for sure. guado did a good job drawing and colouring them. I love Wolf's bare toes all curled up in the first pic, and the flash of fang in the third.

But you'll have to excuse me. I've had in my head a mental picture of both Wolf and (especially) Declán for a long time now. And, cute as these pics are, alas they do not look anything like the detailed image my imagination has lovingly built up over the years.

Except for the clothes. ;) I can totally see my boy dressed so sexily in purple shirt and silk vest, antique pocketwatch and, yes, sword and all just adding to the overall stylish look. Mmmm... yeeeaaahhhh. ::drools::

But I warn you now, if Dec ever comes home with a haircut that bad, Rachel will be attacking him with a pair of clippers before he's crossed the threshold. She'll hold him down and shave him bald, I swear! Oooh, or maybe a buzzcut... hair so soft and short it'll feel like bunnyfur against my her skin... Guh! ::thud::
11th Nov, 2007 20:17 (UTC)
Moon! ::prods Moon's body with a toe:: You still with us? Or are you off in that happy place again?

They're chibis, so they're only an approximation of what they look like. I think I probably drove poor guado nuts with costuming changes and specifications. I even supplied her with sword photos (that I really should upload to Flickr) for reference.

As for Declán's hair, while it's not quite right, you'd do well to keep it short. His hair grows out thick and curly and terrifyingly like Doyle's unfortunate bubble perm. That should see Rachel armed with well-oiled clippers laying in wait for him at an unsuspecting moment.
11th Nov, 2007 21:12 (UTC)
Moon! ::prods Moon's body with a toe:: You still with us? Or are you off in that happy place again?

I'm good! I'm awake! I've got actual work to do today, so I had to restrain myself to only a few minutes of Happy Place time fantasizing about my fictional lover. ::le sigh:: My life is so hard.


I have to admit, while I've always known Dec's hair was thick and naturally curly, my mental image has always been more like long, luxuriant waves than tight bubble perm. Seriously? His hair's that bad? Damn... Okay, yeah, he's getting a buzzcut. Can't go wrong with a buzzcut. And it'll feel great tickling against the sensitive skin of Rachel's --CENSORED!-- Ahem! ::coughs:: Right! Sorry 'bout that. I am trying to be good, I promise.

You know, Wolf, I think these lovely pics deserve a little ficcish accompaniment. They make such wonderful inspiration! (And not just for my porny fantasies! ::pause:: Okay, yeah, them too. *eg*) You will be writing a wee drabble or two in honour of the occasion, I presume? I sure hope so! ;)

Heck, they might even be enough to prod me into scribbling a few words. Which would be just plain miraculous! Of course, don't hold your breath counting on anything from me, my writing skills have sadly atrophied from lack of (m)use over the last two years.
12th Nov, 2007 09:09 (UTC)
His hair really is that bad. It can be tied back, but loose when long, it is pretty scary.

I really do need to do some more Wolf/Declán fic. No idea where to go with it, so will probably need to hit you up for prompts and ideas.

I believe you still have an unfinished Declán/Rachel/Methos story in the works.
12th Nov, 2007 23:46 (UTC)
So I had some free time on my hands last night and wound up going back to the beginning of the Wolf&Declán-verse. Read the original novels right through, from 'Shift' to 'Guardians'. They're still just as good as always, but I did notice something that has me curious...

What ever happened to the psychic bond concept? I don't think any of the later drabbles or fics ever mention Wolf or Dec's abilities to sense not only one another, but other people they're close to. And what about C15, are they still running it secretly? Because if you're serious about looking for ideas, I wouldn't mind seeing some old skool fics that take them back to their roots.

Otherwise, I do have some good prompts for some new London!verse stories for ya. I've always liked those hilarious little linguistic puns where you change one letter in a word to make a new definition. Like:

1. Sarchasm -- the gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the recipient who doesn't get it
2. Bozone layer -- the substance surrounding stupid people, which stops bright ideas from penetrating
3. Dopeler effect -- the tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly

or my personal favourite ;P

4. Fundraiding -- the battle to convince investors to give you lots of money

I would love to see Declán and the gang go try their hands at some corporate fundraiding. *eg* And if you could work in some of the other puns too, that'd be even better. Spike strikes me as someone very familiar with the concept of the sarchasm.

And then maybe I'll see if I can't get a little more "P" done on that WIP for you in return. ;)
13th Nov, 2007 00:18 (UTC)
I've been refining and changing the psychic bond thing over time as new things occur to me and old things annoy me. At the moment I want it more of a sensory thing, but still to have a basic connection of some sort. Enough to know major emotional spikes, maybe, but a bit iffy on that, perhaps just between Wolf and Declaacute;n. A better option would be major trauma; certainly enough to know of a death, as that was a major plot element.

They don't run CI5. The original agency Wolf and Declaacute;n ran got folded into Interpol and they run a semi-autonomous depart that specialises in finding stuff; people, things, information. Bodie runs it still. There were plans to have Pete Wisdom take over in the future, but I've never done anything with it.

While I like Fundraiding, the entire idea is anathema to me, so I don't think I could pull it off. Would depend on the muse at the time.

Sarchasm and the Bozone Layer seem to be a standard theme when near Xander.

I may need to finally put my accident knowledge to use. that should make for a decent plotline.
11th Nov, 2007 19:40 (UTC)
Those are great!
11th Nov, 2007 20:08 (UTC)
guado does great work.
13th Nov, 2007 23:54 (UTC)
OH cute - you have to love that flAsh of fang ;-)

Edited at 2007-11-13 23:54 (UTC)
14th Nov, 2007 02:56 (UTC)
They are adorable!
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