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"The new accountant?" Faith laughed. "He's sitting at the back of the short bus licking the windows and gnawing on the seats. What about the admin chick?"

Andrew faked falling off his stool. "Not quite as bad. She's sitting behind the driver, asking questions and telling him how to drive the bus."

Faith snorted beer out her nose and signalled the bartender for another. They'd overheard the pair bullshitting each other in the halls and had to get out before their own IQs started dropping in sympathy.

"We have to talk to Giles about stopping the board hiring family members."


open_on_sundaychallenge #239: bar
Part of the London!verse


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22nd Oct, 2007 16:23 (UTC)
I get it- I do really.. would I have got it sooner if I knew what a short bus is??

the board hiring family members
This is INVARIABLY a bad thing no matter where you work!
22nd Oct, 2007 21:18 (UTC)
I'll leave you with the Wikipedia explanation of short bus. Another variant is the special bus. Where I come from, it's a Hi-Ace sized mini bus sort of thing, rather than a proper bus. If we ever landed one for school excursions, we would lick the windows and do blowfish at passing vehicles.

Sadly enough, I work with a pair like this. They bullshit each other and don't seem to realise that they are both clueless twats that everyone else can see through. You feel dumber when you overhear their conversations.

One of them, who claims to have come from a telco (which may as well be the public service) will sidle up to you and announce that he's sent you an email, then walk off. We're a tech company. Somewhere a village has lost its idiot with that one. I'm considering buying a tub of Perkin's Paste (the kiddie glue they give you in kindergarten), leaving it on his desk and seeing if he eats it.

Fortunately, neither are family hires and both are on contracts so we can boot their useless arses (one has a week to go, the other about six weeks, woohoo!). I shudder to think of the nightmare if they were related to the CEO.
22nd Oct, 2007 22:04 (UTC)
Yeah we don't really have those over here. The nearest we have is- well something I can't even find a picture of on google actually! - but they look like they drove out of the ark and are often to be found in 2 tone blue for some reason.

will sidle up to you and announce that he's sent you an email
( 3 howls — talk to the wolf )