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InterventionDawn sat cross-legged on the bed. She couldn't proscribe Spike from seeing Buffy, as much as she wanted to, she knew he wouldn't stand for that.

"This has to stop, Spike. She'll kill you."

"I know, Bit. Still love her." At least he didn't deny it this time, but he didn't meet her eye either.

"Love isn't letting someone beat you to a pulp." Dawn pulled Spike into her arms. "Will you try and avoid being alone with her for a while?"

Spike nodded his head against Dawn's shoulder, his tears soaking into her shirt as she pulled him closer.

Part of the Alley!verse


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31st Mar, 2004 06:43 (UTC)
You're breaking my heart! ::cuddles Spike:: I love this !vers so much. When/if it draws to conclusion, I'd like to post it on my site. Could I? And I just realized that posting means updating my site. I hate messing with my site.

These little snippets always feel like more, maybe I'm just emotional that way. Dunno. Oh well.
31st Mar, 2004 06:55 (UTC)
Sure you can post it on your site. I just ask that you send me the URL when it's live, for some stupid reason I can't see your domain at all. I can your domain, but a traceroute dies the death. Stupid internet.
31st Mar, 2004 07:04 (UTC)
My site's an unfinished crap-fest at the moment, and it'll be a while before I'll have it situated. My site-building program is half drag and drop and then the rest is html. I have no problem with the html, but the 'absolute positioning' is awful. It messes up my pictures and txt size. I've got it all fixed up now, offline, but I'm lazy. ^_^

31st Mar, 2004 07:08 (UTC)
I know where it is, the connection between me and it is panning out.

Ping takes 320ms, traceroute is failing at 200ms, so I suspect there's a massive timeout somewhere and the the connection gives up.
31st Mar, 2004 07:15 (UTC)
Ping takes 320ms, traceroute is failing at 200ms, so I suspect there's a massive timeout somewhere and the the connection gives up.

I only have a vague understanding of what you're talking about and no clue how to fix it. I'm feeling very stupid right now.
31st Mar, 2004 07:27 (UTC)
You can't fix it. It's a dodgy server somewhere in the middle that slow.

The ping and the traceroute just enable me to see if my computer can see others.

If you open a DOS or Command Prompt window and type ping livejournal.com at the prompt, your computer will send pings (Hello, I'm here. Are you?) to LiveJournal and you'll get a report of how long it took.

A traceroute is done from a major server and is like a ping, but lists each port of call the connection is bounced through and the time it took. It died about 16 bounces from my end on some AT&T sub server in the US.
31st Mar, 2004 08:14 (UTC)
Ah. I used to have my computer ping my blog. Okay, makes sense. I'm just very, very tired; ignore me. ;)
31st Mar, 2004 06:52 (UTC)
Yay! Spawn friendship! It really is the best!
31st Mar, 2004 06:58 (UTC)
Thanks for dropping by.

How did you end up in my neck of the woods, if you don't mind me asking?
31st Mar, 2004 07:22 (UTC)
From the friends list of the always inspiring lovesbitca. I've actually read some of your Spike/Dawn stuff before, but this is my first time posting.

31st Mar, 2004 07:29 (UTC)
Cool. Always curious when I see a new face I haven't crossed paths with before. And it's always interesting to see what your friends are reading.
31st Mar, 2004 10:39 (UTC)
I'm agreeing with eurothrashed when she said that she loves this !verse. And I think that this is so poignant. Sigh. I love Spawn, be it romantical or friendship.
31st Mar, 2004 11:28 (UTC)
Pleased you're enjoying the !verse so far.
31st Mar, 2004 11:45 (UTC)
Oh definitely, it's seriously good.
2nd Apr, 2004 15:08 (UTC)
Aw. so moving.
3rd Apr, 2004 02:39 (UTC)
Thank you.
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