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RainHe was standing at the back door when it started to rain. A light sprinkling rain that dried almost as it hit the pavers.

As the door was open, he took advantage of the situation to indulge his love of water and dashed outside.

The rain started to get heavier and he turned his face up to the sky, catching the raindrops on his tongue. He closed his eyes and felt the rain spatter across his face.

A sound caught his attention. There was a frog in the garden and he scampered off to investigate in hopes of catching it. His mother wouldn't be pleased. As much as he loved frogs, they rarely survived his attentions.

Unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately, for the frog, he couldn't manage to find it. Instead he ran along the hedge, shaking the water from the leaves in a shower that doused him even more than the rain did. A wake of loose leaves fell to the ground in his wake.

His pool beckoned him next. The rain hit the surface of the water, creating splashes of intersecting ripples. He couldn't resist and jumped in, kicking at the water in delight and splashing it into the garden.

A snuffle told him that the neighbour's dog was standing at the fence. Bounding out of the water he ran to where a board was slightly warped and pressed his face against the gap. The Border Collie sniffed him in interest, checking his out before departing for somewhere a little drier than the middle of a garden bed to wait out the storm.

Once he'd thoroughly inspected the entire yard to see if the rain had brought anything new and exciting, he headed back inside to tell his mother about the rain.

He walked quietly in the back door and around the back of the lounge where his mother was sitting.

Sneaking around the edge, he leapt over the arm and flopped down in comfortable position on the seat.

His mother looked at him and sighed, his hair stood up in orange spikes from the rain. "I don't suppose you wiped your feet. Come on, let's get you dried off."

She led him to the dining room near the back door, where the tiled floor showed evidence of wet footprints. Grabbing a towel from the back of a chair, she started drying his hair, knowing it was a pointless exercise because the moment she finished he'd be off to play in the rain again.

That was both the pain and joy of Siberian Huskies, they loved water and didn't seem to mind sharing it with the entire family.

30minutemusechallenge #5: rain
Part of the Pod!verse
Tags: fiction, original, pod

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