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Jack stood in the doorway, observing the carnage. There was ink everywhere; pooled on the floor, splashed on the walls and benches and all over Owen's skin and clothes.

"You tried to open the artefact didn't you?"


"It has a defence mechanism. Ianto, see if you can get him cleaned up." Jack turned and left.

Gwen nodded at the monitor showing a mostly blue Owen preceeding Ianto from the room. "That's not coming off, is it?"

"In a few weeks. It dyed through the top layer of skin." Jack grinned. "It's going to be fun when he finds out."


tw100challenge #41: murphy's law
tw100challenge #42: guilty pleasures


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24th Sep, 2007 21:28 (UTC)
Now that I've finally seen my first episode of Torchwood, I can appreciate these stories even more!
24th Sep, 2007 21:44 (UTC)
I would help to get a feel for the characters.
25th Sep, 2007 05:29 (UTC)
I knew a lot about them from articles and previews -- and from seeing Jack on Doctor Who, of course -- but nothing beats first-hand experience.
( 3 howls — talk to the wolf )