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"What the hell? Is someone skinning a cat?" Faith looked out into the hall, not seeing any cause of the noise.

Andrew had gotten used to the racket over the past weeks. Well, perhaps not used to it, but at least he was past the scraping himself off the ceiling phase. "That would be Francine voicing her displeasure at Dolores clipping her over the ear."

"I don't know how Dolores does it, and I don't just mean putting up with the screeching. I would have killed her before now."

"She raised four kids single-handedly, what's one obnoxious junior Slayer?"


open_on_sundaychallenge #232: school
open_on_sundaychallenge #233: hate
Part of the London!verse
Tags: andrew wells, dolores henry, faith lehane, fan fiction, fiction, francine, london

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