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DecisionsDawn found she couldn't sleep.

She lay in bed contemplating the ceiling, Spike's limbs wound about her body as his face burrowed into her chest, her thoughts were churning with ways to deal with a destructive relationship that was beyond her ken.

Torn with indecision about confronting her sister, who was sneaking about like a thief in the night, Dawn could see a lot of screaming and denial in choosing that path.

Perhaps talking to Spike in the morning would be easier, at least she would have a conversation that wouldn't degenerate into name-calling.

Decision made, she drifted into sleep.

Part of the Alley!verse


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30th Mar, 2004 06:32 (UTC)
Continuing to love.

Spike's limbs wound about her body as his face burrowed into her chest

Whenever I think about Spike, snuggling works its way into the picture. I'm thoroughly enjoying that this is from Dawn's POV as she takes care of our poor injured boy.
30th Mar, 2004 06:38 (UTC)
I found another drabble challenge community to play with — wordoftheday100 — so I'm inflicting Spawny goodness on them too. They've just kicked off, so go give them a hug.

Pleased that you're enjoying this. My muse seems to be dawdling along at the moment. Guess I'll wait for the next challenge to see where things go from here.

30th Mar, 2004 06:56 (UTC)
::stares at Wolf's latest masterpiece::

What's this blather you were telling me about your Muse going on vacation without you? What, she sends daily postcards?! You're on a bloody (all puns intended!) writing streak! ::glares in jealousy::

Ah, but we're all the better for it... :D
30th Mar, 2004 07:14 (UTC)
The muse has been back for about six months now, after a three year sabbatical I know not where. I have to wonder if the muse was visiting someone else's head.

The various LJ community challenges seem to prod the muse into co-operating, so I'm well pleased with the results.

Wolf: Oy! (Prodding Muse) Muse, the challenge from the new drabble community is "ken", can we work that into the Alley!verse?

Muse: (currently in the guise of Dawn) Shouldn't be a problem. But there will be more snuggling of Spike.

Wolf: You know, it would be nice to move the story along into actual conversation.

Muse: There will be Spike snuggling. (Muse starts blathering on about the weather in Barbados this time of year)

Wolf: Okay. Spike snuggling it is. How about we deal with actually confronting the little relationship problem next time?

Muse: Maybe. Oh look! Shiny! (Muse is lost in a vision of shiny that, oddly enough, includes leather pants)

The inside of my head is an interesting place.
30th Mar, 2004 07:19 (UTC)
LOL! I love the inside of your head! ::Moon walks around, taking pictures::
30th Mar, 2004 08:27 (UTC)
Ooh, loves the cuddles. Also, can't wait to see what Dawn does. *hopes she has a good resolve face*
30th Mar, 2004 09:42 (UTC)
As strange as it sounds, I can't wait to see what Dawn does either.

I only have a rough idea of direction, I just see what the next challenge brings and take it from there. It makes things interesting.
30th Mar, 2004 11:30 (UTC)
Ah, she can try, but there's just this feeling it won't go well... continuing to read with fascination. Lovely work!
30th Mar, 2004 11:44 (UTC)
It doesn't sound like a happy situation for anyone to be in, does it. Thanks for reading.
30th Mar, 2004 12:32 (UTC)
I think I'm in love with you. You are working on the Alley!verse. *hugs* Yep, I love you.

as people have said, the imagery of Spike cuddling gainst Dawn, unconcious or not, is just adorable.

Did I mention that I loved you?
30th Mar, 2004 18:44 (UTC)
Did I mention that I loved you?

Back off, Leni! She was mine first! ::waves a spatula threateningly:: I've known her since, what, early 1997? Give or take. That's -- geez! -- about 7 years! Gah!
31st Mar, 2004 00:17 (UTC)
I'm not scare by your spatula and besides...

*bats eyelashes*

... I love you too... ;-)
31st Mar, 2004 00:51 (UTC)
Awww!! ::huggles:: In that case... we can share! Mwuahaha!
30th Mar, 2004 22:56 (UTC)
::blush:: Glad you're enjoying this.
30th Mar, 2004 16:05 (UTC)
I have to agree. *nods head* Another fabulous story.
30th Mar, 2004 23:10 (UTC)
Thank you.
30th Mar, 2004 23:07 (UTC)
I have read the last two parts of the Alley!verse, and wow!, both of them are beautiful, I just want to say: Thanks Redwolfoz!, you give us this little, wonderful, new version of the season 6 and I am really happy, reading it....

Oh! I almost forget again...I wanted to ask to you : can I include you in my friends list? please? :)
30th Mar, 2004 23:11 (UTC)
Many thanks. I'd be honoured to be added to your friends list.
( 18 howls — talk to the wolf )