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Jack's hands guided Gwen's over the surface of the artefact, his breathe warm in her ear as he explained the intricacies of the device.

The orb's colours rippled as it pulsed in Gwen's grip, the vibrations travelling through her entire body, concentrated in the places where Jack touched her.

She had no idea what she was doing. All reason had been lost to the sensations of touch and smell.

Jack answered his headset and stepped away from Gwen. "You'll be right to finish this off on your own?"

"Yeah." Gwen didn't think she'd be finishing off quite what Jack expected.


tw100challenge #39: seduction lessons


( 4 howls — talk to the wolf )
9th Sep, 2007 09:07 (UTC)
Sounds like that artifact's a keeper.
9th Sep, 2007 09:18 (UTC)
Does, doesn't it.

Not a lot seems to get done when it's around, but everybody wants to play with it.
12th Sep, 2007 22:14 (UTC)
Alien sex toy - surely not?
12th Sep, 2007 22:17 (UTC)
It may be more Jack's hands-on technique.
( 4 howls — talk to the wolf )