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Andrew's training mission to check out an encampment of Hyterg demons had seen three junior Slayers vanish at the offer of a free makeover. Traditionally, Hyterg demons were harmless, but they had a tenuous grip on the vagaries of human beauty.

"The demons were unharmed when the girls drove them out of the area with a lot of screeching, but I think the girls regretted their diplomacy once they discovered the clown-like cosmetics would need to wear off over a matter of weeks."

Giles looked across his desk at Andrew. "Shall we'll write this off as a learning experience?"


open_on_sundaychallenge #227: camp
open_on_sundaychallenge #228: drive
Part of the London!verse


( 7 howls — talk to the wolf )
6th Aug, 2007 11:32 (UTC)
Hahah! Nothing's ever "free", girls!
6th Aug, 2007 14:23 (UTC)
Perhaps they've learned that lesson this time. Somehow, I doubt it.
6th Aug, 2007 23:07 (UTC)
Oh so that's what those scary women who pounce on you near cosmetic cosmetics' counters are. I've always harboured suspicions they weren't human.
6th Aug, 2007 23:17 (UTC)
Yeah, they freak me out a bit too. Tammy Faye Bakker should not be an ideal for make-up.
9th Aug, 2007 10:24 (UTC)
Oh, the trauma!
9th Aug, 2007 10:46 (UTC)
You may do yourself an injury trying not to laugh at them.
10th Aug, 2007 08:34 (UTC)
Yes, but I'd definitely get injured if they caught me actually laughing.
( 7 howls — talk to the wolf )