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ContusionsDawn had managed to manhandle Spike downstairs, get him onto his bed and ply him with alcohol until he passed out. It took a little more effort to single handedly strip the insensible man so she could treat his injuries without causing him further pain.

Wincing at the collection of bruises marring his legs, Dawn was long since past the embarrassment of seeing Spike naked.

It was a slow process tending to Spike's wounds and Dawn nearly depleted her meagre supply of filched gauze and antiseptic.

As she gathered the few remaining items together, Dawn gave serious thought to how she was going to get away with stealing replacements. Spike's ribs were firmly strapped. Dawn didn't have the equipment to perform sutures, so she taped and bound the larger wounds as best she could and hoped Spike's vampire healing would kick in before her makeshift bandaging gave out.

Tossing her bag on the floor, she kicked off her shoes and climbed into bed beside Spike. He may have been out to it still, but he instinctively moved closer to her warmth, snuggling into Dawn's arms. Gently kissing his forehead, Dawn held him a little tighter as she stared at the ceiling, her tears falling silently to soak into the pillow.

The physical and emotional pain to her friend was bad enough, but having the put him back together time after time was tearing her apart. Buffy's brutality had to stop.

15minuteficletsword #48: collection
Part of the Alley!verse


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30th Mar, 2004 01:27 (UTC)
Oh. ::sniffle:: I adore this. Are you planning on making this into something bigger?
30th Mar, 2004 01:33 (UTC)
Not bigger, but it will probably be continued in future nanofiction, depending on how the challenge fits and if Spike and Dawn feel like talking to me.

My intent was for Dawn to have words with Spike, but a pesky muse with other ideas and a time limit put paid to that. Perhaps next time.

As this is the second part of the !verse, I'd better name it. Any suggestions?

30th Mar, 2004 01:49 (UTC)
the alley!verse? I dunno. But whatever you decide to name it, I'm going to gush. ::hits Buffy, repeatedly, with that axe-handle you mentioned yesterday::
30th Mar, 2004 02:02 (UTC)
Cool. Alley!verse works and has been appended to the relevent posts. And the menu, of course. Ta.

Hmm... the axe handle. Who knew you could spread Slayer innards over that amount of floor space. I shall be expecting photos.
30th Mar, 2004 02:09 (UTC)
I shall be expecting photos

::salutes:: Will do.
30th Mar, 2004 01:30 (UTC)
Aww... just makes ya' wanna cuddle 'em both.
30th Mar, 2004 01:34 (UTC)
The bed's big enough, knock yourself out. Just mind Spike's injuries.
30th Mar, 2004 01:35 (UTC)
Wow. That was just...wow.
30th Mar, 2004 01:37 (UTC)
Many thanks.
30th Mar, 2004 01:41 (UTC)
S'kay. ^_^

I'm generally appreciative when I read a good fic. Which that was, by the way. Are you going to add to it, or just leave it at that?
30th Mar, 2004 01:45 (UTC)
My intentions are to continue, but as I write to challenges and am easily distracted by shiny things (as are my muses), I try not to make promises.
30th Mar, 2004 01:56 (UTC)
Wicked. *rubs hands together*

I understand about being easily distracted, hence I can forgive you. ;)

However, should you continue with it...squee!
30th Mar, 2004 01:37 (UTC)
yes, it does. poor spike... and you actually made me like dawn! great job!
30th Mar, 2004 01:42 (UTC)
Thanks. I'm happy you like my Dawn.
30th Mar, 2004 01:44 (UTC)
she's much less annoying than whiny-klepto dawn. :)
30th Mar, 2004 01:48 (UTC)
You can blame Marty Noxon for Dawn faults, she had a bee in her bonnet about Spike and Dawn even being on screen together and hated the character.
30th Mar, 2004 01:49 (UTC)
really? ::growls:: I don't like her, then. You should have had her job. Things would have been much better!
30th Mar, 2004 02:17 (UTC)
Again with the wonderful work. I'm following this closely, interested in what comes next. And I agree with other posters; you make Dawn a better person than in canon, and I like her better this way.
30th Mar, 2004 02:29 (UTC)
::hug:: Thanks muchly.

It's funny the characters that talk to you. Well, it is considering the amount of stuff I watch compared to the characters that want to play.
( 19 howls — talk to the wolf )