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Gwen glanced up at the building's roof. They were still there, long coats wrapping about their legs in the wind as they surveyed the terrain below.

"What do you think they're talking about?"

Gwen started, not expecting Dawn to be finished so soon. But then she hadn't expected a woman she'd thought of as a civilian to single-handedly deal with a Weevil either.

"Whether we can expect further attacks, I'd guess."

Dawn chuckled. "They're men. It'll be beer and football."

"Oi!" Spike's shout echoed off the walls. "You girls up for pizza?"

"And junk food. Be still my heart."


tw100challenge #31: crossover: buffy the vampire slayer
Part of the London!verse


( 6 howls — talk to the wolf )
24th Jun, 2007 05:26 (UTC)
I thoroughly enjoyed that - although my inclination was to think of Gwen from Angel initially, rather than Gwen from Torchwood!
24th Jun, 2007 05:38 (UTC)
Nice to hear you enjoyed it.
24th Jun, 2007 07:38 (UTC)
Nice. If Dawn knows Jack, it also be flirting, with both of them.
24th Jun, 2007 09:35 (UTC)
Dawn certainly has men tagged.
24th Jun, 2007 09:54 (UTC)
Possibly with one of those ear tag guns they use on cattle.
24th Jun, 2007 10:20 (UTC)
Yes, I could see that ...
( 6 howls — talk to the wolf )