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Love Is Blind

Love Is BlindDawn helped Spike to his feet, sighing with relief when he stayed upright, at least he could walk this time. Supporting his weight, she guided him out of the alley and back towards his crypt.

"Had a run in with something nasty, pet."

"I know." She let the lie slide, knowing full well that the something nasty was her sister. Dawn wasn't stupid, she knew Buffy's handiwork when she saw it.

This wasn't the first time she had patched up her bleeding and Slayer-battered friend. Dawn just wished it would be the last, before Spike did something stupid in return.

open_on_sundaychallenge #53: bleeding in an alley
Part of the Alley!verse


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29th Mar, 2004 03:02 (UTC)
:: sniffle :: Poor Spike. I love the idea of Dawn helping him home after the alley-beating. Just love.
29th Mar, 2004 03:08 (UTC)
You didn't think I'd leave the poor guy alone after the bitch queen's tanty, did you? Dawn looks after her friends. I'm so glad you enjoyed this.
29th Mar, 2004 03:04 (UTC)
Wow. That was great. And sad. Makes me wanna bitch slap buffy.
29th Mar, 2004 03:10 (UTC)
Don't you dare bitch slap Buffy. I'm sure I can find a perfectly good axe handle around here somewhere that will do a much better job ::evil grin::

Glad you enjoyed it.
29th Mar, 2004 04:11 (UTC)
Ha! I dunno... I think my chainsaw beats your axe! ;)
29th Mar, 2004 04:33 (UTC)
I was suggesting just the axe handle for a good bludgeoning, but if you feel the urge to venture forth into the realms of limb removal, feel free.

I will, of course, be expected to hear all the juicy details.
29th Mar, 2004 04:36 (UTC)
I can do juicy details. Want pictures? ;)
29th Mar, 2004 04:44 (UTC)
Yes, please!

Edward Gorey didn't do chainsaws, but some along the same lines would be nice.
29th Mar, 2004 23:42 (UTC)
Gashley Crumb Tinies! :D Anyways, lovely fic. The Dawn/Spike relationship is so sweet. Also? I think I'm becoming addicted to your drabbles/fifteen minute fics ;D
30th Mar, 2004 00:02 (UTC)
Bugger! You've discovered my plan for world domination. Distract everyone with shiny stories while I sneak in the back door.

Glad you're enjoying the ride. Please keep all limbs within the vehicle, occasionally bitey things have been known to appear.
29th Mar, 2004 04:43 (UTC)
Sequel, sequel! Rah, rah, rah! ::waves pompoms::

(Well, you are going to write about Spike's revenge, right? *eg*)
29th Mar, 2004 04:51 (UTC)
leni_ba beat you to the punch. This will almost certainly continue in this week's ficlet, the challenge is live and I can work this !verse with it. So something will appear over the next couple of days.

The revenge alluded to is the infamous bathroom scene. So I'll have to figure out where I take it next.
29th Mar, 2004 13:47 (UTC)
I also like the idea of a wounded Spike and a bitch Buffy. Of course, this was well-written, as usual. Well, off to hunt up the sequels.
29th Mar, 2004 22:45 (UTC)
This is the first in this !verse, continuation will happen soonish. Glad you enjoyed.
29th Mar, 2004 20:39 (UTC)
Joss or Marty Noxon should have included a scene like this in "Dead things", without fearing that somebody had thought of this as Spawn-ship (although I don't have any problem with Spawn-ship, I love that relationship in all its forms, romance or friendship), because the friendship between Spike and Dawn had made this, a completely understandable and sweet scene..........

But really, I don't care,..... because you have written the scene and it is beautifully written, and I think that definitively you should write a sequel!..... :)
29th Mar, 2004 22:50 (UTC)
Marty is evil, but I'm preaching to the choir in that regard.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this. Continuation will be soon.
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