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Toshiko handed Gwen a gadget and plugged the cable into the USB port on her computer.

"Thanks." Gwen held the small fan up to her face, sighing in relief. "Any luck sorting out the problem with the heat, Ianto?"

"Not yet. I've been over the system three times and none of Tosh's diagnostics are showing anything unusual. It's frustrating."

Gwen nodded, noting that Ianto's only concession to the heat was to loosen his tie slightly. "If there's anything..." She trailed off as Jack walked past stark naked, oblivious to three sets of eyes watching him. "On second thought, no rush."


tw100challenge #29: heatwave


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2nd Jun, 2007 22:24 (UTC)

This is just so perfect and so in-character and wonderful!
2nd Jun, 2007 22:45 (UTC)
I seem to have a knack of getting into these characters for short bursts, or so people tell me. Oddly enough, I'm probably the most surprised by this.
5th Jun, 2007 10:46 (UTC)
Casual Friday?
5th Jun, 2007 12:29 (UTC)
It's possible. A mate's workplace had to introduce a policy of employees must wear clothes after a group of potential funders walked through the office and spotted one of the coders naked.
6th Jun, 2007 06:57 (UTC)
Apparently he was a lot more comfortable at work than I've ever been.
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