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"I notice you didn't get one of these bloody things." Rose glared at the Doctor as he closed the TARDIS door.

"I've been here before." The Doctor grinned. "This is a tradition they reserve for first time visitors."

"It's not so bad," Jack lied tactfully as he took off a magenta pilot's hat and tossed it over a railing.

Rose thumped his arm. "Says the man who doesn't look like a small animal has taken up residence on his head."

"I don't know, a pair of platform shoes and your faux-afro will be right at home in the 70s."


dw100challenge #162: hats


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26th May, 2007 10:29 (UTC)
I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love your brain.

I look at the prompts you're using, then at what you've written, and I am truly awed at how you get from there to *there* and do it so very well every single time.

Yes, I'm gushing but I'm behind on reading your work and it's just hit me all over again how bloody good you are.
26th May, 2007 10:58 (UTC)
::squee:: See, you make me squee.

My brain seems to work in odd ways. There's a loon in our Melbourne office who cannot tell when I'm joking and my evil brain takes advantage of it.

The genesis for this came from a locally written book of humorous sketches and belt historical tales. that I foolishly didn't buy at the time and now have no idea who wrote it. Want book. Want book now.
29th May, 2007 07:38 (UTC)
Rose with an afro.

Well, I know what my nightmares will be about tonight.
29th May, 2007 07:45 (UTC)
Dealing with other people's taste can be quite painful at times.
29th May, 2007 10:31 (UTC)
I'm sure the magenta pilot's hat was dashing.
29th May, 2007 10:59 (UTC)
Jack's the kind of guy who could pull it off.
( 6 howls — talk to the wolf )