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Xander's jaw dropped as Andrew gesticulated out the window, letting forth a stream of invective that would make a sailor blush. "What the hell was that?"

"The royal salute. I hate it when people don't use their indicators and white van man is the worst."

It took a moment for Xander to parse Andrew's answer. There was way too much that he'd lost in translation. "Are you sure you're still speaking English?"

Andrew overtook an elderly Volvo before glancing at Xander. "How long have you lived here without picking up local colour?"

"I guess I'm a California boy at heart."


open_on_sundaychallenge #217: royalty
Part of the London!verse


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(Deleted comment)
21st May, 2007 21:17 (UTC)
I was wondering about that as I wrote it, the plural just sounded wrong. Thanks for confirming it.
21st May, 2007 14:18 (UTC)
LOL, he is a California boy, that's for sure. xx
21st May, 2007 21:19 (UTC)
That he is. I can't see him swimming happily in a pool of local idioms any time soon.
23rd May, 2007 07:38 (UTC)
Two peoples, separated by a common language.
23rd May, 2007 09:09 (UTC)
While Andrew wouldn't have a problem with that, I think Xander may argue that they're speaking a common language.
23rd May, 2007 10:15 (UTC)
Well, Andrew's a typical American. That is, clueless.
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