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"Have you seen Owen?"

"I believe he's downstairs." Ianto almost smiled.

"Damn him. I'm waiting on his report." Gwen tossed a folder on her desk in frustration. "What's he playing at?"

"He's looking for a secret passage." Ianto tidied Gwen's scattered paperwork, as she raised a questioning eyebrow. "I startled him last week and told him I entered the Hub in via the secret entrance."

"The lift?" Gwen jerked her head towards their water feature.

"He misunderstood me."

Gwen stifled a giggle. "You didn't correct him."

"What?" Ianto whispered in her ear. "And miss him fumbling about in the dark."


tw100challenge #26: secrets and lies


( 2 howls — talk to the wolf )
18th May, 2007 13:36 (UTC)
mwahaha. i hope he hits his head on a wall, or something.

Gwen and Ianto's conversation was made all the more lovely, by imagining their adorable Welsh accents.
18th May, 2007 13:47 (UTC)
I'm sure he'd find something to trip over or fall into.
( 2 howls — talk to the wolf )