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"Do we have anyone good with maps to lead the main assault?"

Xander ran a finger down their student lists. "Yeah, the tiny Japanese girl with the blue hair who aced the orienteering trials."

"Great." Andrew moved several plastic soldiers across the map. "Sholeh can take our chemistry geeks and run interference."

"Is that wise? Bombs going off in public places tend to make people nervous these days."

"They've promised a sans-explosion outing."

"I don't know, sabotaging Sanjayan's team feels like cheating?"

"It's good practice for when they face demons. And I have a tenner riding on the outcome."


open_on_sundaychallenge #215: race
Part of the London!verse


12th May, 2007 08:10 (UTC)
Not on me, no. Sorry about that, Chief.
15th May, 2007 15:04 (UTC)
Just curious.