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"What's the game?" Gwen nodded to one of the monitors that showed a lightsabre battle in full swing, while Toshiko tweaked a stream of code on another.

"It's the feed from the full immersion Star Wars port of Owen's proposed training simulator. He's in the games room now testing the VR helmet and gloves."

"I can see the possibilities, but I think it's all an excuse for him to play silly buggers." Gwen watched the central character leap gracefully over a Stormtrooper. "Does Owen know he's playing as Princess Leia?"

"I'm saving that little surprise for his report to Jack."


tw100challenge #25: star wars


1st Jul, 2007 06:26 (UTC)
*Bluetooth headsets*
I refuse to be seen in public with my husband wearing his. This has nothing to do with the fact I can't bear anything in my ears and stick to good old fashioned ear muffs if I need to use headphones