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"This is a bit James Bond, isn't it?" Gwen was surprised to find a garrotte in the Rolex knock-off.

Ianto placed the watch in an archive box. "It dates from the Cold War, when the KGB and CIA made gadgets based on the films of the time. The items turn up occasionally. I believe they're quite the collectors item in some circles."

"They really used movies as inspiration?"

"It was the height of paranoia. They would do anything for an edge."

Gwen peered into the box, pushing aside a tiny camera. "Do you have a shoe phone in there?"


tw100challenge #24: lazy mod week


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29th Apr, 2007 13:12 (UTC)
The shoe phone! Or the Cone of Silence! :D
29th Apr, 2007 21:13 (UTC)
When mobile phones first became popular, a friend of mine would insist on answering his shoe in public places. Which may say more about my friends than anything.

I loved the cone of silence. The brain donors running my company are looking at buying one. They call it a power nap isolation pod. Webdev immediately dubbed it the Cone of Silence and asked why they couldn't have a normal mid-life crisis and squander the company money on yachts and Ferraris like everyone one else.
30th Apr, 2007 05:12 (UTC)
Hi just confused but can someone tell me what a cone of silence is. Thanks.
30th Apr, 2007 10:54 (UTC)
Would you believe ... Dr. Shoal's shoe insert bomb?

Sorry about that, Chief.
30th Apr, 2007 11:49 (UTC)
You can't go past the inspired insanity of Get Smart.
30th Apr, 2007 23:12 (UTC)
The closest I've seen is the "Police Squad!" series from back in the late 80's, but even that didn't match Max.
30th Apr, 2007 23:33 (UTC)
Get Smart was Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, that's why nothing comes close.
1st May, 2007 07:28 (UTC)
Mel Brooks is the god of comedy. "Blazing Saddles" shall go down in history as the funniest movie of all time.
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